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30 August 2030 @ 04:02 am

Hello my name is Janvic
But some call me Jam i prefer to b called by this though
14 years old
Will receive gifts on October 30
Be sure to greet me on that day or else i'll hunt you down
I do fandubs And Fandance

Hey say jump
Super Junior

My ichiban is
Yamada Ryosuke

And Okamoto Keito.

i Cant choose between yamada and keito >.< i really love them both
i love keito more

I LOVE everything about Japan to summarize it all
Im not really good at introducing myself
so if you have some questions about me
i'll be angry happy to answer it

This journal is for friends only
if you wanna add me simply add a comment here. THAT simple

Thank yuu very much for letting me use these lovely icons,banner, and layout ^0^
Icons to strawieluphy and honeyshikido 
Banners,icons,and layout to okimiyage 
GIF's to hsj_gif_a_day 
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07 August 2009 @ 03:26 pm
OHH MY GAWDD this might be lateee BUt i want to express this,.LOL Right now im listening to daiki's solo in the TENGOKU concert and ITS VERYYY amazingg,.LOL im starting to like daiki now,.LOL his voice is soo hawtt and goood ,.he should have more lines in their songs
22 May 2009 @ 09:11 am
AH the newly debuted group is awesome
and i really like it
though some people are giving some criticisms towards the other members.but its fine since its their opinions.
I  cant believe that Sandara Park was one of the members. I mean she was once a famous actress in here /philippines. I was  a fan of sandara park before and until today. I really do admire her since she's very pretty and good actress singer and dancer. Too bad some people stopped admiring her. Since there's no upcoming projects/tapings for her, she went back to korea and made a star of herself. Im very happy that her career in korea is doing great. Her voice improved so much and her dancing skills.
The music video was very amazing both Street/Space version of Fire. Their clothes are so amazing.. the make-ups , everything. And the dance,its so cool.Their group is awesome. Im looking forward for their other albums,singles,MV's etc. im now a fan of 2NE1. Their group is just so amazing.

SO early in the morning 3:45 today , i still didnt sleep its because i watched some arashi clips that are SOOO funny to cheer me up xD. gawdd arashi never let me down. i love them xD i haven't watched all Arashi No fukudaikun episodes and himitsu no Arashi-chan and VS arashi >.<  so i downloaded some of the episodes xD but ,mannn its taking o long =_= and until now its not yet finish >.< well i'll be patient then >.>

thats all for now xD gome2x i have nothing interesting to post about.